About Us

Concept Materials specializes in installing beautiful, durable flooring throughout the San Francisco and Bay Area. We’re also committed to actively protecting the Earth’s environment by using natural substitutes for endangered rain forest hardwoods. We’re pleased to offer some of the most advanced flooring available anywhere, including laminates, engineered and solid flooring, vinyl and carpet—all beautiful and durable and all 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Laminates allow considerable flexibility. They come in a wide variety of colors, and they’re incredibly durable. Our laminated flooring is made from ecologically “clean” materials (waste wood), and can be used to achieve a wide variety of decorative styles and moods. Laminates can be treated to look like almost any type of wood or light stone, giving you the opportunity to easily change the look of any room.

Engineered flooring has all the benefits of laminated flooring—including superior stability and easy installation—plus the look of solid wood. It requires minimal usage of natural wood, mostly in the form of waste products. Engineered flooring is just as durable as hardwood, but it’s less expensive, has a more modern look, and comes in a variety of colors and textures.

Vinyl flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is 100% moisture resistant, has commercial grade wear layer, antistatic and very easy to clean.  It also comes in the variety of décor options: wood, stone, cement, etc.  And finally, it costs much less than traditional hardwood flooring.

Carpet offers lots of variety in terms of color, texture, and feel, and available in hundreds of styles to meet almost any interior design need. Carpet is not only soft to the feel, but also to appearance, as carpeted surfaces generally have a gentle, soft appearance within the room design.  Moreover, out of all options, carpet is considerably less expensive than hardwood floor.

To learn more about upgrading your home with a beautiful, inexpensive, ecologically friendly new floor, Call Us for a free consultation. All of our high quality materials are graded to industry specifications and standard flooring lengths, and everything we sell comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.